Thursday, November 20, 2008


In an optimistic move, I elected to take both children hiking to the top of Pinnacle Mountain a week or so ago.  I love hiking, and I particularly love hiking my local "mountain":  a 1.25-mile trek up 1200 feet that allows a view of most of Little Rock, and more importantly this time of year, beautiful fall foliage.  The children amazed me; Jackson only had to be carried once, on the way down, because he refused to actually go back down, repeating, "My want to go back to the top!"  to every stranger we passed, hoping for sympathy, I guess.  Emily hopped up and across rocks so quickly that grandmotherly types eyed me warily and voiced concerns for her safety.

Three hours later, when we got back to the car, I could tell the trip had had the desired effect on the children:  they were both exhilarated and exhausted.  Jackson stared wearily out his window, but then finally put his thoughts into words as we drove through a rural area.  

"Mommy, is chicken made from roosters?"  I asked him to repeat the question as my mind zoomed through all kinds of birds-and-bees scenarios:  do I tell my two-and-a-half-year-old that yes, roosters do have a role in "making" chickens?  But Emily immediately understood what he was asking, and came to my rescue.  

"No, Jackson.  Chicken is made from chickens.  And if you eat steak?  That's from cows."  

Sibling communication.  Even 3.5 years apart, the children seem to have a way of communicating with and understanding one another that only they comprehend.  And several ways of tormenting one another.

"I am just a susterated!" Jackson tells me, not noticing my blank look.

"Sisterated?  Frustrated?"  I ask.

"No, susterated!  I am soooo mad!"  he replies emphatically.

But as frustrated as they often become with one another, it thrills me to note the genuine affection that they show one another most of the time.

"When my get big, my go to Ah-eee's school with Ah-eee."  Jackson has told me several times.  I ask Emily if she'll walk him to his preschool classroom.  

"Of course!" she responds.

"Will you kiss him goodbye?"  

"Probably not.  Probably I'll just give him a hug and then tell him [lowers her voice to a whisper] 'have a good day!'"


Joy said...

They are so cute! I bet Mom's jealous that they get along so well, huh Mom? I think you need to point out that Jackson actually knows how to say Emily and knows that is her real name but gets more reinforcement with "Ah-eee." I want to go hiking with y'all next time I'm there so I can get lapped by a 2 y-o, please.

megan said...

Yes, I am just now reading this famous post, and, yes, I do love it. :) What a great story. I'm glad your writing these down. Now, I do have to remind you of my favorite Jackson quote: "My said we not go to pick up Ah-eee! My said she would be FINE!" To his credit, I guess his big sister does seem so knowlegeable and mature that she could spend all night by herself at school.

Love you all!!